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[Translation from English to Japanese ] For purposes of this report and according to the Health Sciences Authority (H...

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For purposes of this report and according to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore’s equivalent of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, health supplements include the following categories:

Dietary supplements: food-like products, containing carbohydrates, amino acids, protein, certain fixed oils and herbs, trace mineral, vitamins (natural and synthesized). This category also includes probiotics containing lacto-bacteria;

(b) Herbal and natural products without medicinal claims or with general health claims such as marine extracts (fish oil), garlic, etc;

(c) Vitamins and mineral preparations (currently classified as quasi-medicinal products) including combinations with herbs;
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(b) 医学的な効用を訴えず、一般的な健康面での効用を訴えるハーブ類や自然食品。海産物を抽出したもの(魚油)、ニンニクなどを含む。

(c) ビタミン、ミネラルの調合剤(今のところは擬似医薬品に位置づけられている)。ハーブ類と結合させたものを含む。

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