[Translation from English to Japanese ] The original junk plastic shroud these watches come with has been replaced wi...

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The original junk plastic shroud these watches come with has been replaced with an aftermarket aluminum one that is very desirable and obviously will not crack like all the plastic ones do. I am including the original plastic one with the sale, but it is cracked and not really needed as it has been replaced with the aluminum one. I also am including the instruction booklet that is seen in the pics. All of the functions work but occasionally the light function requires a harder push and the pusher is a little sticky so it comes back out a little slow, but that is not every time and like I said, it still functions. Often if you can find one of these, some of the functions do not work.

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腕時計に付いている元のガラクタでプラスチックのシュラウドがアフターマーケットでのアルミの方に置き換えられ、それはとても望ましいものでプラスチックの方のように割れません。 元のプラスチックの方も販売に含むが、割れていてそしてアルミの方に置き換えられたから必要がありません。写真に見られる取扱説明書も含みます。全ての機能は動いているが、時々ライトの機能がより強い押しが必要です。またプッシャーは少し粘着が付いていて戻りが遅くなるが、毎回起こることではなくてそして私が言った通り全ての機能は動いています。 しばしばこういう腕時計を見つかると、その機能が動きません。


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