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In the second decade of the twenty-first century, networks continue to be defined by their stable topology represented in an image or graph. Peer-to-peer technologies promised new arrangements absent centralized control, but they still rely on stationary devices. Mobile phones remain wedded to conventional network providers.

Instead, the combination of peer-to-peer with mobility enables a new concept of an information transfer infrastructure that relies on fluid, temporary, ad-hoc networks. People and devices are at once implicated as mobile nodes in this network (known in computer science as a sneakernet).

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21世紀の2番目の10年では、ネットワークは映 像やグラフで表現、その安定したトポロジーで 定義することを続けています。ピア·ツー·ピ ア技術は新しい形態で上下関係不在集中制御を確立 したが、多くはまだ固定装置に依存していま す。携帯電話は、従来のネットワークプロバイ ダに固執したまま。

その代わりに、モビリティを使用して、ピア· ツー·ピアの組み合わせは、流体、一時、アド ホックネットワークに依存している情報伝達イ ンフラの新たなコンセプトを可能にしま す。人とデバイスは、一度にこのネットワーク 内のモバイルノード(スニーカーネットとし てコンピュータサイエンスで知られている)として関係ています。
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Fluid Nexus is a demonstration of how one might design software to bypass Internet intermediaries' control over the identification and circulation of messages. It is a piece of interrogative software art, of a piece with other attempts to rework network topology such as the Eternal Network used by mail artists or projects such as Dead Swap or netless. We draw partial inspiration from the potential activist re-purposing of digital technologies without being subsumed by the same goals.

While Fluid Nexus is designed for non-Internet-based communications, we have also developed the Nexus, a space on this site for "public" messages to be automatically uploaded by any Fluid Nexus user.

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