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- Posted at 21 Sep 2023 at 18:20
The element will need to be changed more frequently without a pre-filter due to the large amount of dirt.

The life per element is 1 min if the amount of dirt reaches 200PPM, making it necessary to have 60 elements for 1 hour of use. The pressure vessel's diameter will exceed ID1600.
Additionally, if only the coalescer is used then we cannot guarantee 98% filtration efficiency.

Please inform us about your situation because the number of elements changes depending upon how long you want the equipment to last.

It is stated on the data sheet that users should consult with the vendor to determine if a pre-filter is necessary.
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- Posted at 21 Sep 2023 at 18:18
Without using a pre-filter, the frequency of change of the element is subject to increase because the amount of dust is increased.

By the calculation of 200PPM for the amount of dust, the life becomes 1 min per element, so it requires approximately 60 pieces in order to operate for one hour, and the diameter of the pressure container exceeds ID1600. Also, in the case of coalescer only, the filtering efficiency cannot be guaranteed at 98%.

The number of elements may vary depending on the facility's life, so please let us know the information.

There is a description that needs confirmation of the prefilter to the vendor on a data sheet.
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- Posted at 21 Sep 2023 at 18:21
Without pre-filter, frequency of replacement will be increased due to the large amount of waste.

Since the amount of garbage is calculated at 200 PPM, the life per element is 1min, about 60 bottles will be needed for running for one hour. Therefore, the diameter of the pressure vessel will be more than ID 1600.
Moreover, 98% filtration efficiency cannot be guaranteed for coalescer only.

Since the number of elements will vary depending on how much you want the life of the equipment to be, please give us that information.

The data sheet states that you need to check with the vendor whether a pre-filter is required.


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