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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The merchandise 1 which arrived on the 18th and the other two are indicated a...

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18日に届いた商品1 、他の2つの商品が問題あると記載されてます。
この3つの商品は全て破損しているんですか? もしくは、破損はしておらず、商品に問題が有る為、ロックが掛っているのですか? 上記の問題がある商品は以前、日本に送った商品2と同じ商品です。なぜ、商品2が問題無く発送出来たのに、上記の商品は送れないのですか?理由を教えて下さい。


lurusarrow Translated by lurusarrow
It says there are problems on item 1 arrived on 18th and also on other 2 items.
Are all these 3 items damaged?Or there is no damege but being locked because of items themselves having some problems?
These items are same items as item 2 which were sent to Japan previously.How come you can not ship these items even though there was no problem to ship item 2?Please let me know the reason.

Regarding item 3, the seller had not replied to me yet.

In case there is no reply by 21st, i will return the item at my expense.

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