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- Posted at 01 Jun 2022 at 18:08
I have proceeded in making 100 lots so at this point it would be difficult to separate them in lots of 50.
If I separate them, delivery will become further contrarily so I would like to proceed with the same numbers as is.
It's hard to say a specific date of delivery but I will adjust a delivery of 100 in November and 100 in December. Please pay the money as in the attached estimate.
The number of deliveries on January next year will depend on November and December operations.
I would like to get a little more time.
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- Posted at 01 Jun 2022 at 18:28
As we have started manufacturing the lots of 100 units, it is hard to divide them into lots of 50 units.
On the contrary, since the delivery may be delayed in that way, allow us to send them in quantities as they initially were.
We cannot tell you the specific date of delivery yet, but we will somehow arrange the deliveries to send 100 units in November and another 100 units in December.
Please see the attached estimates for the amount of money.
The number of units to be shipped next January depends on the progress of the work for the shipment in November and December, please allow us some more time. Thank you.
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- Posted at 01 Jun 2022 at 18:19
Since we are already producing it by the lot of 100pcs, it it difficult to divide it into 50pcs now.
By dividing it, the delivery may be delayed, so we would rather stick to the lot of 100pcs.

I still can not say the exact shipping date, but I will manage to ship 100pcs in November and in December.
As for the price, please see the attached quotation.

The shipping quantity in January next year depends on the process of the shipping quantities in November and December so we would like some time to reply.
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Translation / English
- Posted at 01 Jun 2022 at 18:06
We are afraid that it is difficult to divide 50 pcs each from now as we are proceeding the production in a 100 pcs lot at the moment.
If doing so, the delivery is subject to delay, so please forgive us to continue with the number as it is.
Now, we cannot state the date of shipment yet, but we work hard for being able to deliver 100 pcs in November and another 100 pcs in December. About the amount of payment, please refer to an estimate attached.
As for the number of shipments for next January, that depends on the status of production towards November and December, so please allow us a little more time.


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