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How big can AFIXT hold? In terms of size of a bottle, the elastic band stretches pretty far and its adjustable so the largest bottle I've been able to fit it on was a 64oz Hydroflask Growler, a pretty massive drink.

How heavy can AFIXT withstand? Because of the way magnets function, this truly depends on the object it is being attached to. The thicker, less smooth the surface of the metal, the better it will perform. I've been saying 30oz bottles because this is pretty safe for most pieces of gym equipment, but it will hold larger bottles given the metal. But it is not effective on something as thin or smooth as the side of a refrigerator. I've used it to hold up a 12oz beer on a refrigerator but that's about the heaviest I'd go.

Can AFIXT hold plastic bottles? Sure, depends on how thin the bottle is. As I mentioned, it's adjustable so you can size it down pretty small.

About distribution
How much is the shipping charge in the US? I don't have an amount for this. When I fulfilled my Kickstarter backers from Japan it was pretty expensive when I was going through USPS. Of course this wouldn't be the route to use but I have not set up distribution to Japan so I don't know the amount.
Can I sell all 9 colors of AFIXT as backer items of Makuake? I actually have 8 colors right now, and yes all are available.
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AFIXTはどれ位の大きさのものまで対応が可能ですか?ボトルのサイズによりますが、ゴムバンドがかなり伸びるので大き目なボトル迄対応が可能です。そうですね、64オンスのHydroflask Growlerというかなり大きなドリンク瓶があるのですが、それ位は可能でした。
アメリカ国内の送料はどれくらいですか?そうですねぇ、正確には分かりませんが、日本のKickstarter 支援者を引き受けた際、郵便を使いましたがかなり高額でした。もちろん、それまで日本向けに配送を設定していたわけではないので、正確な値段分かりません。

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