[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1.Could I make a question before the payment, please? Your invoice says "Tax...

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- Posted at 24 Feb 2020 at 21:24
1.Could I make a question before the payment, please?
Your invoice says "Tax$28.34", but what is the tax for?
I have tried to order same item and QTY with same address to be shipped on your website, such tax might not levied. For this reason, what seems to be the tax for the invoiced discounted, then?
2. We are managing to all payment from overseas via PayPal. Therefore, please make a payment via PayPal.
3.The payment has completed. Can you tell me what courier you used this for?
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- Posted at 24 Feb 2020 at 21:23
1. I'd like to ask before making payment.
The invoice you sent says Tax $28.34, what is this tax for?
I ordered same item and quantity to same delivery address on your website, but it looks like it's not taxed.
What kind of tax is $28.34 on the quotation which you gave discount?

2. We manage all overseas payments via PayPal.
Therefore, we'd like to pay via PayPal.

3. Payment has been completed. Will you let me know the courier company?
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- Posted at 24 Feb 2020 at 21:27
1. Let me ask you before I pay.
The bill you gave me has$28.34 of tax. What kind of tax is this?
I ordered same products with the same address on my end, but it looks like the tax was exempted.
The estimate which I got discount had $28.34 of tax. What tax is this?

2. We use PayPal for overseas transactions.
please let me use PayPal.

3.The transaction is complete. Which delivery service do you want me to use?


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