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Please fill up the attached application forms whether an Individual or Joint Account.
After filling out 〇〇 Capital’s account opening forms, attach the following requirements based on your declared citizenship.

Non-Resident Foreigner - 1 valid government ID (preferably passport)

Important Reminders: ID must not be expired Photocopy must have both photo and signature.

It must be a clear copy. (eg. Passport: information page & signature page)
Signature on ID should match signature on Application forms.

You may send the originally signed forms and clear copy of your valid ID to our (Head Office) 〇〇 Capital Securities, Inc. Taguig via courier.
steveforest Translated by steveforest
〇〇 Capital口座開設申請書を記入後、あなたの市民権に基づいた必要な以下の書類を添付してください。
書類の送付に際し、原本(オリジナル)であるとともに有効なIDがはっきりと写っていることが必要です。それらを踏まえたうえで、我々のTaguig にある〇〇 Capital Securities本部へ宅配便にてお送りください。

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