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[Translation from English to Japanese ] We can offer the MOQ with a total of 4 pairs. Our retail price is $119 No ...

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We can offer the MOQ with a total of 4 pairs.

Our retail price is $119

No we do not have high res photos yet or the updated shoe. It’s a very small stitching change.

If you’re interested in buying the MOQ we would need to put the order in by Monday to have it ready by Jan 10th with our order. Any delays will dramatically delay production, as our manufacturing will take a break late January-February.

Please let me know if you have any questions,
steveforest Translated by steveforest
我々の定価は $119となっております。

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I worked for the broadcaster as an engineer for over 35 years.
During my career, I was dispatched to Mexico and Thailand as a JICA expert for broa...

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