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If you think you have what it takes to invest in startups, but are unsure of where to target your first seed investment, it may be worth your time to profile some other successful angel investors. By studying their strategy, the types of investments in their portfolio and the trajectory of their investments over time, you will start to develop your own strategy that works with your pace and desired investment outcome.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to quickly and exactly mirror successful investors. Their strategies have most likely been developed over time; and they have learned from their own mistakes. Below I summarize the strategies of some of the most successful angel investors, which should help as you start to build your own investment strategy and begin looking for the next big opportunities.

Ron Conway: Google, Twitter, Square and Paypal

Ron Conway is probably the best known and most successful angel investor in recent time. He has invested in some of the most successful companies in the past 10 years. Conway has focused his investing strategy on early stage, high-tech companies, and continues to examine current social, social commerce and mobile markets.
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Ron Conway氏の投資先:Google、Twitter、Square、Paypal

Ron Conway氏はおそらく現在もっともよく知られ、成功を収めているエンジェルインベスターである。過去10年間に一番成功している企業数社へ投資している。同氏はハイテク企業の立ち上げ時期に集中して投資をする戦略を取っており、現代のソーシャルネットワーク、ソーシャルコマース、モバイル市場を調査し続けている。
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