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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Thank you for telling me that you would be back to work after Chinese New Yea...

huihuimelon Translated by huihuimelon
Thank you for telling me that you would be back to work after Chinese New Year.
The seller selling the copied products stopped his exhibition but the sales hasn’t got recovered yet.
Also the seller that’s selling razor pits are doing the multiple time sales trying to win in the rankings.

Apparently the seller that was selling the copied products has got so much power.
When I looked at his Facebook he went like “I have had two big troubles recently and is hard to deal with them” he might be back selling cleaners he changes them input design again.
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さらに、razor pitを売っているセラーが、タイムセールを連発してランキングを奪うことに必死になっています。


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