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まず、Flat Rate Schemeについて勘違いをしていたかもしれません。

次に頂いたVAT RETURNの資料でいくつか気が付いた点があります。

1.import vatが£1116しか反映されていません。添付ファイルでお送りしましたが、この期間で送付したのは6発送で、import vatが合計で£4022.26発生しています。

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- Posted at 25 Aug 2018 at 22:04
Thank you for your email.
First of all, I think I might have misunderstood about the Flat Rate Scheme.
Sales of £150,000 or below is our total sales for 5 countries, right?
If that is so then I have exceeded that amount.

I have noticed several things about the materials for the VAT RETURN I next received.

1.Only£1116 is reflected in the import vat. I sent the attached file but for this period there were 6 sends, thus a total of £4022.26 was generated for the import vat.
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- Posted at 25 Aug 2018 at 22:04

Thank you very much for contacting us.
First of all, we might have misunderstood about Flat Rate Scheme.
Does "the total sales amount less than £ 150,000" means the sum of sales amount in five countries?
If so, that amount will be exceeded.

I noticed a few things in the information you've given to us.

1. Only £ 1116 Import VAT was applied . As you can see on an attached file I sent you, there were 6 shipments in this period and The total amount of import vat was £ 4022.26.

c79が一枚しかありませんが、VAT RETURNを依頼したVatGlobalにはそれしか届かなかったらしく、c88を取り寄せました。

2. VAT非課税の商品のいくつかが課税されていました。ファイルの黄色ラインに示したものが非課税です。



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- Posted at 25 Aug 2018 at 22:15
Although there is only one c 79, it seems that was only thing Vat Global who we requested to take care of VAT RETURN received. We ordered c 88.

2. Some VAT non- taxable items were taxed. Those shown in the yellow line in the file are non-taxable items.

3. All the currency used in the information you sent to us was in Pounds. However, sales in Pounds are only in the UK and sales in other countries are in Euros.

These are the things we noticed in the information you sent us. We are very sorry if what we are pointing out here is incorrect.

We look forward to your reply.
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- Posted at 25 Aug 2018 at 22:22
Though there is only one piece of c79, this is because VatGlobal that requested VAT RETURN only received this piece that we had to order c88.

2. Some of the VAT tax exempt items have been found being assessed. Ones in the yellow line in the file should be tax exempt.

3. In the document you gave us the currency is unified in pound but the sales in pound are only for UK and Euro for the sales in other countries.

This is pretty much it. Sorry if we were wrong for this.
Please check these out.


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