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Yes, Diana!
Thank you for contacting me!
Now you are in Kinosaki? It's a long summer holiday so enjoy your trip in Japan with Carter!
Thank you for sending me nice photos. I can see you two are enjoying so much! Carter kun has a very nice smile, too.
They say onsen is good for injury and illness, it is so relaxing, isn't it when we are in onsen? It is also enjoyable to go to different outside onsens, too. I am sure Diana and Carter's tiredness from trip will soon go away. Do enjoy Japan!
On July 7th, there is a Tanabata Festival. When you are staying in onsen area there maybe a place where you can decorate bamboo leaves or write your wishes on rectangle paper and decorate. We have those decorations at home, too. When they are finished, I will show you some photos.

Let's keep in touch from now on, too!

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