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私達から、水漏れ後の修繕に関する進捗状況を聞いてから3週間以上が経ちました。それより以前の3/9に、上層階の住人とマネージメントが水漏れ状況を見に我が家へ来たことを、貴方方に報告致しました。内容としては、・その時点で水漏れは止まっている事が確認された ・上層階はトイレの入れ替えを予定していて、それが終わったのちにまた確認が必要。

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- Posted at 10 May 2018 at 00:34
It has been already 3 weeks since we have heard from you about the progress relating to the repairs after the water leak. I have informed to you that both occupant above me and the management have check the water leak situation on Mar 9, before I raise this claim. For the details of this matter, it was confirmed that the water leak has stopped back then, the occupant above me has scheduled to change their toilet, and there is a need to confirm once it is completed.
After that, we did not receive any updates relating to this matter, hence we would like you to confirm the progress as a month has passed since Apr 13.
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- Posted at 10 May 2018 at 00:36
It's been more than 3 weeks since we asked you about the status of the repair after water leak.
Before that, on March 9, we informed you that the person living upstairs and the management had visited us to see the water leak.
What we informed you was;
-It was confirmed that the water leak was already stopped at that time.
-The person living upstairs was going to replace the toilet and after the replacement, the water leak should be checked again.
Since then, we hadn't received any updates on the progress after the water leak and, on April 13, after more than 1 month, we asked you to confirm the status.

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