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- Posted at 07 May 2018 at 15:49
Quotation to the technical side is being requested, but as it is during the Golden week, the reply can only be expected early next week.
A's design is scheduled to be in 2 groups of element.

About the matter on the production of A to be in Taiwan, we will try discussing it with the factory manager, hence please tell us what makers are there in Taiwan.
However, the last decision is to be by the factory manager.

About the question on the cleaning, it is still in the middle of confirmation. It will be replied by middle of this week.

About the transaction with 〇〇 company, the matter where it is NG to go through your company is incorrect.
As there is a need to change the purchasing terms with other companies, please do the confirmation on the details.
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- Posted at 07 May 2018 at 15:41
I am requesting the estimate from the technology, but it is expected to be the next week because I have GW in between.
The design of A will be 2 element pairs.

As I will consult with the superior about making A in Taiwan,
Please let me know what kind of processing maker is in Taiwan.
However, eventually it will be judgment of the plant manager.

I am checking about the question about cleaning. We will reply within this week.

For the transaction with the company, it does not mean that your company via the company is NG.
Since it is necessary to change the sales contract with another company, we ask you to confirm details.


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