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“The Japanese seem to the rest of us to live several measurable clicks down the time line,” science-fiction writer William Gibson wrote in 2001. “The Japanese are the ultimate Early Adaptors.” The results of our research suggest that this is no longer the case. Not only are the Japanese no longer the earliest adaptors, they are downright slow. While the survey is an interesting one, I’m not sure I’d dub Japan a luddite nation just yet. Japan is an older nation, so I’d expect any survey of Japanese people to be slightly skewed towards older, possibly less tech-savvy people. But I think that the point the firm argues about paid content is a sound one, as Japanese tech and media companies seem quite good at squeezing every yen out of consumers, and this includes on mobile devices, where Japanese are still said to be more active than anyone.
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「我々からすると日本人は時間軸のかなり先を行っているようだ。新し物好きで究極のアーリアダプターだ。」とSF作家のWilliam Gibsonは2001年に記した。しかし、我々の調査によると、もはやこのアーリアダプターと言う説があてはまらなくなっただけではなく、日本人はあきれる程のんびりだ。
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