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Can I please do drop off/pick up of my dog at Narita Airport International Terminal? I will be arriving at the airport the evening before my flight, so would around 19:00 on 12/22 be ok for drop off at Narita Airport International Terminal?

For my picking up my dog, my flight returns to Tokyo at 7:10am on 12/31. Would around 8:00am be ok for me to pick up my dog outside the International Terminal at Narita? (Going through immigration, customs, baggage pickup might take some time.)

She has no illnesses and doesn't require medication.

Thank you!
bluejeans71 Translated by bluejeans71


引き取りに関しては、 私が搭乗する便が12月31日の午前7時10分に成田に着きます。引き取る時間は午前8時前後に、国際線ターミナルの外でよろしいでしょうか。(入国審査、税関および手荷物検査は多少時間がかかります)



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