[Translation from Japanese to English ] Keep it up and let's finish smoking! Just one cigarette smoke collapses ever...

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Keep it up and let's finish smoking!
Just one cigarette smoke collapses everything. Watch out!
Just one tobacco finishes you.
You can gain clean lungs with your choice!
Females can sense the difference of fitting make-up!
Your body must be protected by you!
You do not have to carry a light anymore!
Non smoking is good for both body and wallet!
Don't you think meals taste good?
One smoke here ruins everything.
I admire those who can quit smoking.
I hear that if you quit smoking you can easily wake up.
Your patience is amazing!
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Translation / English
- Posted at 14 Aug 2017 at 15:12
Let's keep up the pace and quit smoking!
One cigarette is enough to lose your progress, so be careful!
Just one will take your life away.
You can have beautiful lungs just by making a choice!
If you're a woman, you will feel the difference when putting on makeup!
It's your body, you should take care and protect it!
You won't have to carry a lighter with anymore!
Quitting to smoke not only is good for your body, but it's good for your budget too!
Don't you think your meal taste great?
If you smoke now, everything you've will be a waste of time.
People who can quit their smoking habit are charming
They say they if you quit smoking, you will wake up to be more energized
It is amazing when people put the effort in to quit this bad habit!


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