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[Translation from Japanese to English ] They might fail or do not carry out the duty sufficiently, but the Jesus who ...

sujiko Translated by sujiko
They might fail or do not carry out the duty sufficiently, but the Jesus who sent them sent each disciple by trusting them.
Hope that overcomes death and fear, which is given to the disciples, has been still conveyed to the world today, and promotes us to take a new step. We kind of worry about our future.
We have a fear that "if we can maintain this life, what will be our life after retirement and if we will be healthy."
We would like to learn what is shown through the life of the Jesus Christ again.
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弟子たちに与えられた死や恐れを克服する希望は確かに今も世界に届けられています。そして、私たちを新しい歩みへと促します。私たちも、将来のことを考えると多少とも不安になります。「この生活を維持できるだろうか。老後の生活は、どうなるんだろうか。健康は大丈夫だろうか」という不安もあります。私たちは、改めてイエスの生涯を通して 示されていることを学ぶものでありたいと思います

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