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[Translation from English to Japanese ] ①Does anyone have that thing where you yell "pull" and someone throws a ceram...

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①Does anyone have that thing where you yell "pull" and someone throws a ceramic quail in the air and you shoot it like, at their apartment?

②Wow I have NEVER been able to relate to something more. Had to share
“When u misread a situation and realize ur mental breakdown wasn't necessary“

③Preston swears he sees Donald trump at brunch

④I'm the kind of person to build hype and then never deliver

⑤Personal training is great until you're on the bathroom floor with a cold wet rag on your face promising you've worked out before

⑥my PostMates guy took two hours to deliver my latte and I'm pretty sure he showed up high

⑦one time I drunkenly PostMates'd a crunchwrap, a quesarito, and a mexican pizza all to myself
takuma98104 Translated by takuma98104
① あいつらのアパートの部屋で、君が「引っ張れ」と叫んだら、誰かがセラミック製のウズラを空中に放り投げて、それを君が撃ってということができるようなものを誰か持っていないかな?
②わあ。もっと何かに関係づけるなんてできない。 「君が状況判断を誤って、神経衰弱なんて必要なかったと自覚する時」を共有しないと。
⑥僕の指名したPostMates の奴はラテを配達するのに2時間もかけた。彼はハイだったのに違いない。

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