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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 私は発送の追跡番号の入力のためジャパンポストのエアメール書留付きで発送しています。 ジャパンポストの書留発送の追跡番号はUSPSのサイトからも追跡できます...

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私たちはこの追跡番号をValid Tracking Rate に反映させるためにどうしたらいいですか?

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I am shipping this item with a japan post's registered mail in order to enter Tracking Number for the shipping.
You can track the number of the japan post's registered mail from USPS website as well.
How can I respond to the Tracking Number to reflect Valid Tracking Rate?
I am not requesting any application to investigate the tracking.
From now on, upon shipping the item, I am going to send with an air registered mail.
It didn't reflect after entering the tracking number with the shipment notification as JAPAN POST.
Please tell me how to solve this situation fundamentally.

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