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Registration IDは○○です。

Free Hotelの申込みをしたいのですが、
「Your Chinese Supplier Infomation」の項目を記入できないのですが、

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I am xxx(Name), the CEO of xxx (Company Name)
Our company does the wholesale and retail sales of export products.

For this time, as I would like to find new products in XX EXPO, I have registered beforehand.
My registration ID is xx.

I would like to apply for the 'Free Hotel', however, the transactions that my company have done with were in Europe and South East Asia, but not within China itself, so I am unable to enter the item of "Your Chinese Supplier Information".
If possible, please advise on what I should do.
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My name is ○○ and I am a representative director of ○○.
Our company is in a wholesale and retail business for imported goods.

To look for new products at the ○○ EXPO, we were granted a prior registration. The registration ID is ○○.

We would like to apply for a Free Hotel, but at the moment our clients are from Europe and Southeast Asia, none yet from China. Therefore, we cannot fill in the 'Your Chinese Supplier Infomation' entry. Could you please advise what should we do in this case?
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My name is 〇〇, representative director of 〇〇 Ltd.
We wholesale and retail import items.

This time we made advance registration in order to find new items at 〇〇 EXPO.
Registration ID is 〇〇.

We'd like to apply for free hotel, but currently our partners are in Europe and Southeast Asia we don't have any in China yet, so we cannot fill in "Your Chinese Supplier Information", will you let us know what we should do?
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