[Translation from Japanese to English ] The theme is defined as a "Problems that must be solved". Therefore, I think...

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その事柄を達成する為に障害となること 課題:その事柄を達成する為にどうしたらよいのか考察出来ること

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The theme is defined as a "Problems that must be solved".
Therefore, I think the challenge is to show things that have to be done to solve the problems.
Concrete examples are as follows.

Problem: company revenues are going down
Challenge: company revenues must go up
Solution: raise company's proceeds, lower the expenses

Difference in problem and challenge
Problem: phenomenon or situation when you say things like "...can't", "...is impossible"
Challenge: to tackle things and a decided topic

Challenge of obstacles on the way to achieve that matter: consider what can and should be done to achieve that matter
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A task is defined that "problems which must be solved".
So things that indicate what to do for solving problems are tasks, I think.
Specific examples are as follows.

a problem: Profit of the company is low.
a task: We have to have our profit increase.
a provision: Making sales higher, costs lower.

A difference between problems and tasks.
problems: It means the conditions and situations like "We cannot." and "We have something bad."
tasks: Themes we decided to do it.

Hurdles for achieving the goals and tasks: What you can conceive what to do for achieving the goals.


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