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いくら注文は1つだけだと主張してもPay palのアカウントで支払は確実に証明されている。

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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:06
I have purchased the goods on the offer of the seller on 18th and 21st of March.
However, the seller keeps saying that they do not know anything about the order from March 18th.

I have received 1078 Euro from another transaction with this seller,
so I have returned this to seller, using this money to pay for the goods and also paid 72 Euro to make up for the deficit from the difference in price.
The transfer between me and seller should be in the state of cancel.
This time it was my first payment.
However, no matter how many times I am trying to explain this to the seller, they cannot understand it.

No matter how much one could assert that there has been only one order, the actual transfers are clearly mentioned in the details of the Paypal account.
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z_elena_1- over 6 years ago
たびたび申し訳ありません!4行目の訂正お願いします。コンマの後に"usgint this money to pay for the goods and also pains 72 Euro with my credit card ..."、続きはそのままです。よろしくお願いします。
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:10
I bought items from the seller on March 18 and 21 by seller's offers.
However, the seller insists that he does not know about the order on March 18.

I received 1078€ from the seller on another transaction, so I refunded it to the seller as a part of payment for the item, and paid balance of 72€ by credit card.
Seller's payment to me must have been canceled.
That's my first payment for this time.
I explained that many times to the seller but he does not understand.

Although he insists there is one order, PayPal account proves the payment had been made for sure.
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:07
I have purchased items on 18th and 21st, March, with offers by seller.
But the seller is claiming that they don’t know about order itself for itself on 18th, March.

I have already received 1078€ for other deal with the seller, so I have refund it and applied it for payment of items, and I paid 72€ for shortage with my credit card.
So it should be that money transfer to the seller should have been canceled.
That is my 1st payment.

However many time I explained, the seller don’t understand.

No matter how the seller claim order is just one, my payment is being proved with Paypal account.
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:14
I have sent by email the picture of the mail containing the seller's offer and the details of the payment.

Several times I have sent a mail asking the seller to confirm the account, but they do not respond at all.
It is just necessary to confirm the account and it would be 100% clear that the payment has been received, why don't they do it?
I think they should notice more quickly that there is a misunderstanding on their part.

I cannot speak English well, so maybe it's because of my poor explanations.
However, the seller does not seem to respond to my questions sincerely.

Now they assert that there has been only one order, but in the beginning they have sent all the products that have been ordered, and [were asking] if I have not opened the parcel yet?
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z_elena_1- over 6 years ago
最後の一行目の続きを読み損なってしまいましたので、訂正をお願いします。", but in the beginning they were saying that they have sent all the products (goods) and were asking whether the parcel has not been opened by any chance"
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:18
I have mailed regarding the image of detail of the payment, and an offer-email that I got from the seller.

I have mailed to seller many times that I want the seller to check account, but the seller never corresponds.
If the seller check the account, they can confirm receipt, for sure (100%), why don’t they do it?
The seller should notice that is their misunderstanding as soon as possible.

Since I cannot speak English, so my explanation may not have been enough.
However, attitude of the seller is totally faithless to my questions.

Now the order is being claimed as one, but all items for the order has been shipped at first, plus does the parcel have been opened?
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:24
I was told that perhaps something was stolen?
However, the parcel was not opened in any way and was never stopped at the customs.
The box is small and there is no way everything I ordered would fit in it, but seller persists that everything was sent.
I waited for a while, but did not receive more than that one parcel, which I told to the seller.
I asked if perhaps they put my order in multiple boxes and sent them separately, but the seller said they don't remember.

What I wish for is simple.
I just want to know the truth about the two payed orders from March 18 and 21.
And of course a refund, as soon as possible.
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polona_587- over 6 years ago
申し訳ないですが、5行目の意味が間違いましたので、訂正をお願いします。5行: After a while they told me that they only got one order from me.
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:22
and were also wondering whether the goods have not been stolen.
However, the parcel has not been opened or stopped by the customs.
I t was just a little box and I have told them that it is not likely that all goods could be inside it, but they kept asserting that "we have sent everything."
And sometime later they've started to say that they have only received one order.
When I asked them to tell me how many boxes they have sent, they replied that they "don't remember."

My wish is very simple.
I just want you to confirm that I have paid on 18th and 21st of March and understand the fact that there have been 2 orders.
And also I would like to ask you to quickly refund the payments.
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- Posted at 11 Apr 2015 at 18:36
He guessed the package was stollen.
But it hasn't opened and customs didn't check it.
I said all items I ordered didn't fit in the box because it so small. But he insisted he sent all.
Later, he started to say that he got only one order from me.
I asked him to tell me that how many goods in each box, he answered that he doesn't remember that.

My request is so simple.
I want him to confirmed my payment of 18th and 21th March and understand I ordered 2 items.
And I demand him to pay back the money to me.
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