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In Europe and America, it is common practice for an independent department different from the supplier to conduct inspection so as to protect the neutrality of inspection. But in Japan, the supplier itself is responsible for the inspection.
Recently, due to problems of hidden claims caused by internal accusations, Japan began to think about introducing the European/American way.
If the inspection is lax, it is temporarily good for the supplier, but later the product will be returned due to market claims and they will lose credibility.
If the inspect is excessive, it increases the burden of supplier and drives up costs, finally customers will not but their products.
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In western countries, in order to maintain neutrality, a department that is separated from a department that provides products checks the products. On the other hand, it became common that a department that provides products are responsible for testing the products in Japan.

Due to the whistle-blowing regarding the issues of hiding claims, Japan has started introducing the western way of thinking.

If testing is loose, it is good for providers temporally; however, they will lose their credibility after they receive claims in the market.

If testing is too strict, it will increase burden on providers and cost, and customers will not purchase the products.

We have no choice but to think first about customers, so we develop technologies and verify facts.
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- Posted at 02 Apr 2015 at 21:34
The general way of thinking is that to judge the results, the examination in the West is carried out by the branch that is separated from the one that supplies merchandise to keep it objective, while in Japan the same branch responsibly carries our examination by itself.

Lately, due to problem of hidden claims and whistleblowing, there is a tendency to adopt the Western method.

If the examination is not finished properly, the supplier might be in the clear for a while, but when the merchandise comes back later with claim from the market the supplier loses it's credit.

If examination is excessive, the supplier's responsibility increases, the cost goes up and in the end customers don't buy the merchandise.

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