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【mu-mo Shop Limited Edition】「KOIOTO TO AMAZORA」


9/4発売 NEW SINGLE「KOIOTO TO AMAZORA」の着うた(R)、着うたフル(R)/シングルをレコチョクにて独占先行配信開始!


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[mu-mo Shop Limited Edition] "KOIOTO TO AMAZORA"

Above text

Ringtone and full ringtone/single of a new single "KOIOTO TO AMAZORA" released on September 4th is now exclusively available on Recochoku!

As a bonus of the ringtone, you will get a screen-saver of member's photo individually taken! There are 7 types in total!
On top of this, 10 people chosen by lot from those who downloaded full ringtone/single will get announcement poster which is not for sale!
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mu-mo Shop Limited Edition: KOIOTO TO AMAZORA

upper texts

True tone of New Single: KOIOTO TO AMAZORA is going to be delivered exclusively and precedently at recochoku.jp on September four!

When you download the True tone, we'll give you artist's wallpaper photos! You can get seven photos!
We will give 10 people who downloaded the True tone a not-for-sale notification poster by lots!

※待受画面プレゼント対象期間:2013/8/28(水) 0:00-2013/9/3(火) 23:59



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Period of Standby Screen Present
From 8/28/2015 (Wed) 0:00 a.m.
To 9/3/2015 (Tue) 11:59 p.m.

iTunes is distributing the music!
iTunes :
Text 1

CD jacket is an original vergin only for my-mo! And it's a picture-label style!

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※standby display present target period: 2013/8/28(WED) 0:00-2013/9/3(TUE) 23:59

iTunes popularly distributing♪
Text 1

CD jacket is original version only available at mu-mo shop! Besides, with picture label♪
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永久保存マストな座談会トーク『Think about AAA 7th Anniversary』を収録!



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In M3, a round-table talk "Think about AAA 7th Anniversary", which you must preserve permanently and in which AAA members are talking about the history from their debut is recorded.
*Picture label would be printed on the CD surface with picture.

mu-mo shop limited edition is limited time offer and totally ondemand product, so if you don't make reservation, you would never get one.

*Additional gift: trading card (1 card from 8 kind would be packed randamly)
*picture label edition
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M3 includes the round-table talk "Think about AAA 7th Anniversary" where the AAA members talk about their history from their debut!
You must keep it permanently!
*The picture label is a CD with the image printed on its surfaec.

mu-mo shop Limited Edition is due to the limited time and full order Limited Edition. If you don't reserve it, you can never get it.
Do not miss ♪

- Included benefit: Trading card (random one of all eight)
*Picture label specification


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