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10ステラ C2500HGSについては、現在送料の問い合わせ中のため確認が

ダイワ 15イグジスト 2505F‐Hについては、高額商品の為、EMS送料は保険金が


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- Posted at 18 Feb 2015 at 07:42
Thank you for the inquiry.

Regarding 10 Stella C2500HGS, we are checking the shipping fee right now and will advise you the total amount once confirmed.

For Daiwa 15 Exist 2505 F-H, please note that insurance will not be applied if you don't choose EMS(Insurance is included in price) for the shipping method, as it is an expensive item.

*Additional import duties and taxes may be charged by the destination country. We can not predict what they may be, as it varies depending on the country.
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- Posted at 18 Feb 2015 at 07:16
Thank you for contacting us.

Regarding 10 STELLA C2500HGS, we are currently confirming its shipping fee. After the confirmation, we will inform you a total price.

As for Daiwa's 15 EXIST 2505F-H, please understand that EMS shipping fee includes insurance since this is a very expensive product. Other shipping methods do not include any insurance.

*If this is an international shippment, you may need to pay for import duty of your country.
Wheather there's import duty or not, we are afraid we do not do not have the answer to that question because it differs for each country.


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