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I can tell you of upcoming production run timing however the items change frequently. For an item list, it is easier for me to go from your “wish list” than to advise of every item being produced.

Attached is your order history by item. I would recommend trying to consolidate your orders to purchase more quantity less frequently. This will hopefully help with shipping costs and well as administrative time on this end as distributor pricing is designed for MOQ orders of 300-1000 pieces. We are happy to accommodate less quantity when able, but the frequency of orders starts to take more administrative time. If you look at the attached and combine orders where the same item is purchased more than once within a 3 month timeframe, you can estimate opportunities to buy in larger volumes.

Typically, our international distributors are ordering once per quarter (3 months) or 4-6 times per year.

Our next production runs are end of April and end of May. We request an 8-10 week lead time for orders to be placed.
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