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- Posted at 24 Jan 2015 at 01:58
You should go
Sure, it's expensive. But you should go. It's gorgeous and makes you feel fancy. Great variety from a humorous scene to a circus-like performance. It was fun to get excited with a lot of people. Since the reaction of non-Japanese audience is direct, for me, the show was more enjoyable compared to the ones in Japan. Though we chose the show which came only with Champagne, it was satysfying because we already had a dinner at another place.
Rating 52
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- Posted at 24 Jan 2015 at 01:40
Everybody must go.
The pricing is rather high but you must go. You can enjoy the combination of gorgeousness and luxury. You can enjoy fun entertainments and enjoyable circus show and more. We had fun sharing the exciting moment with other people there. Especially, non-Japanese people's reaction came out full of energy and I felt more amusing than before, comparing the time when I watched the show in Japan.
We purchased the ticket with only champagne but it was totally fine since we had a dinner before the show.
Rating 52
Translation / English
- Posted at 24 Jan 2015 at 01:29
You should go there.
It is expensive for sure, but you ought to go there. It is gorgeous, so you would have a luxurious feeling. It also has comedy aspect, there is circus like show as well, and there are many varieties. I had fun while I was warmed up together with a lot of people. Especially, there were big reactions from foreign audiences, and I was more interested in it listening to the reactions rather than watching show in Japan. We just Champagne while watching the show, but it was enough for us because we already had dinner at the other place.
Rating 50
Translation / English
- Posted at 24 Jan 2015 at 01:31
A spot you should visit
The price is certainly expensive, but this is a spot you should go. It makes you feel gorgeous and luxurious. It is full of varieties at any rate with some elements of comedy and circus-like exhibitions. Having a blast with a crowd of people brought my spirit up. Especially foreigners reacted in an over exaggerated way, and listening to them made the show appeared more interesting than those seen in Japan. The show we went came with a champagne only, but it was good enough as we had a dinner beforehand.


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