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First that one, that was not a good service…you wrote in the papers the wrong telephone-number and you wrote not in the Good-Group I had wrote you.
So it takes some days to clear with duty and feedex! But ok…it´s happen now and now it´s ok, cause I have the receiver with some days delay.
And now the Bigger Problems: The Microfon you delievered is the wrong. This one is for the Modell without 3D-Card!
I think this is easy to solve…but not the next Problem: The Primary HDMI-Monitor Output is not working! That´s really bad because I use a TV and also a Sony Video-Projector!
And it´s expensive to repair! Had spoke today with my dealer!
tatsuoishimura Translated by tatsuoishimura
それで、税関とFedExをクリアするのに数日かかかっています! でも大丈夫…今なんとかなって、もうOKです、数日遅れでレシーバーを受け取りましたので。
これの解決は簡単と思います…しかし、次の「問題」はそうはいかないでしょう。Primary HDMI-Monitor Outputが機能しません!これは本当にまずいのです、私はテレビと更にソニー・ビデオ-プロジェクターを使いますから!

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