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り付けることすら出来ません。 全額を返金するか、正しいサイズのものを再度送っていただけませんか?
tearz Translated by tearz
I have received the merchandise today. Thank you for your prompt service.
However, I found a few issues with the received item.
First of all, on the product description page the dial sizes were mentioned as 25, 30, and 33 respectively, but the actual sizes of the dial received were 20,22, and 30.
Due to the consequence, I was not able to open the rear cover of the Baume et Mercier.
Also, as the installation areas of 20 and 22mm dials have completely different size at the installation area, I can not even install on the handle.
Would you please either issue me a full refund or reship the right size to me?
This is against my will but I will notify this trouble to the site administrator and the credit card company to holdback the payment.
Your prompt and sincere action would be appreciated.

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