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The purpose of this style guide is to describe and document the way EVITAN communicates. This includes information about our customer base and target audiences, and how this differs for each of our four brands (PMOK, HCSAM, KART, and EVITAN in general). It also covers the general tone of voice we use, how we wish to be perceived in general, and some writing principles.
This information is for anyone writing or translating copy for EVITAN, and these general guidelines apply to all languages. 1. Audience
Based on the information we have from surveys, from personal experience with customers, and from our own experiences as musicians and DJs, we have a clear picture of our audience.
These people are generally smart, well-informed and extremely interested in new music technology. All our customers are passionate about their music – they tend to define themselves as musicians or DJs, even if they have a day job doing something else. Most users are over 30, and over 30% of our users are aged between 30 and 39.
About 75% of our users can be described as songwriters, producers or musicians, and about 25% are DJs. The three most represented single roles are DJ, Composer/Songwriter, and Producer (own music). This implies that the majority of our user base probably work alone when making music.
Version 6 2013-07-08
About 25% of our audience are professional musicians, producers or DJs. The remaining number can be subdivided into two further groups: Prosumers (highly-dedicated amateurs or semi-professionals, accounting for just over 40%) and hobbyists (making music is simply fun).
They’re active online, with nearly 70% actually purchasing online. They identify strongly with the brand, and express very positive opinions about EVITAN and our products when asked. Amazingly, about 45% of users visit the EVITAN website once a month or more.
As we grow and expand our product portfolio, we will reach out further into the consumer market. For overtly consumer-focused platforms such as iOS, these statistics will change, and we will be required to simplify communication even further.
The audience is slightly different for each brand.

1.1 Brand profiles
This information is based on answers from survey participants. KART
Most KART DJs are male, and they aren’t particularly young – almost 60% are aged between 25 and 39. Most live in the USA, with a significant number also living in Germany and the UK.
KART DJs play mainly EDM and electronic music. Over 70% of KART DJs play house, over 50% play techno. Other popular (over 20%) genres are dubstep, drum and bass, and hip hop.
Over half of KART users have been DJing for over five years.
Almost 60% of KART DJs describe themselves as advanced users.
Just over 10% of KART users are professional DJs, but more than 50% earn some money as a DJ.
Brand identity and design are key purchase factors for many KART users. Build-quality, feature range and value for money are more important, though

PMOK producers are eclectic. Almost 50% of PMOK producers describe their style as electronica. Almost 40% produce soundtracks, though, and over 30% mainly rock music. Of course, it’s possible that some of these people produce music in multiple genres.
Version 6 2013-07-08

Most PMOK users see themselves as either a Composer/Songwriter or Producer.
Over 25% of PMOK producers are professionals, and almost 40% earn some money from their music.
Of all three brands, PMOK has the highest percentage of experts – almost 30%, compared to about 15% for the other two product brands.
Most live in the USA, with a significant number also living in Germany and the UK.
HCSAM producers create mainly EDM (45%) or hip hop/R&B (40%). Urban music is much more popular in the US than in Europe and EDM is much more popular in Europe than the US, though the latest trend in the US shows that EDM is getting more and more popular.
Urban/hip hop producers mostly use HCSAM as their central and main production instrument before finalizing the song (incl. Vocal recordings) in another 3rd party DAW. These producers are very interested in additional sounds, and the range of HCSAM EXPANSIONS is designed to meet this need. As producers, HCSAM users are also interested in PMOK Instruments and Effects. They’re active online, frequently visiting music tech company websites, online forums, and blogs. Popular sites include: soundonsound.com, KVRaudio.com, Gearslutz.com, and computermusic.com

Electronic dance music producers use HCSAM mostly in combination with other 3rd party studio soft- and hardware. HCSAM is often used as an additional instrument as a plug-in inside a DAW (like Ableton, Logic, Cubase), and not in stand-alone mode as an independent instrument.
70% of HCSAM producers describe themselves as advanced or expert users.
Popular sites include: gearslutz.com, createdigitalmusic.com, worldstarhiphop.com, bluntgutsnation.com, moovmnt.com
2. Tone and style of communication
Our readers/customers are looking for new ways to make music. They want to buy music equipment, either from EVITAN or our competitors. They want to buy products that are exciting, inspiring, and useful, so it’s our job to demonstrate just how exciting, inspiring, and useful our products are. People want to buy cool products, not dull products.
Version 6 2013-07-08

Our customers also want easy-to-use products that don’t get in the way of making music. And they expect almost instant results – we need to describe and promote our products without making them sound too complicated.
Our primary goals are to create excitement and convey accurate information about products and services. We present our products in a bold, confident and clear way. We explain the products, because many of our releases are comply new ideas. We focus on how the customer will benefit from using our products and the impact they will have on their music-making or DJing. We differentiate clearly between products, to help potential customers decide what to buy.
Special note for German: Form of address
3_yumie7 Translated by 3_yumie7 14pon Translated by 14pon
弊社製品のユーザーは全般的に頭が切れ、情報通で、新しい音楽テクノロジーに強い関心を持っている人たちです。弊社の全ての顧客は自分の音楽に情熱を傾けていて、自らをミュージシャン、DJを定義し、副業としての仕事も持っています。ほとんどのユーザーは30歳以上で、ユーザーの3割以上の年齢層は30代です。 弊社製品のユーザーの75%はソングライター、プロデューサー、ミュージシャンで、4分の1がDJとして説明できます。なかでも最も代表的な単一の役割はDJ、作曲家またはソングライター、(自分の音楽の)プロデューサーです。このことは弊社製品のユーザーベースの大半が、音楽を創り出す時に、単独で作業している可能性があることを意味しています。
第6版(バージョン6) 2013年7月8日
プロシューマー(音楽活動に深く専心しているアマチュア、またはセミプロ、4割以上を占める)、もう1つは趣味に熱中する人々(純粋に楽しみで音楽を作っている人たち)です。 これらのユーザーはインターネット上で積極的に活動し、7割近くが実際にオンラインで製品を購入しています。ユーザーは弊社ブランドに強い共感を持ち、EVITANと弊社製品について尋ねられると、弊社および製品に対する強い支持を表明しています。驚くべきことに、約45%ものユーザーが1ヶ月に1度以上はEVITANのホームページを訪れているのです。

KARTの大半のDJは男性で、特に若年でもなく6割近くの年齢層は25歳から39歳です。大半はアメリカ合衆国居住者ですが、ドイツ、イギリスの居住者もかなりいます。KARTのDJは主にEDMと電子音楽を演奏します。KARTのDJの7割以上はハウスミュージックを演奏し、半数以上がテクノミュージックを演奏します。他の人気じゃンス(2割以上)はダブステップ、ドラム、バス、ヒップホップです。 KART ユーザーの半数以上は5年以上のDJ経験があり、KARTのDJの6割近くが上級レベルのユーザーであると自負しています。
多くのKARTユーザーにとって購入の決め手はブランド・アイデンティティーとデザインですが、ビルドクォリティー(製品の品質)、機能の幅広さ、コストパフォーマンスはさらに重要な要素です。 PMOK
バージョン6 2013-07-08

ほとんどの人はアメリカ在住であるが、かなりの人数がドイツやイギリスにもいる。 HCSAM
彼らは追加のサウンドに非常に関心が高いのだが、HCSAMのエクスパンションはこのニーズにぴったりだ。HCSAMのユーザーは、プロデューサーとしてPMOKのインストゥルメンツやエフェクトにも関心がある。 彼らはインターネットをよく活用しており、音楽技術の企業のHPやウェブ上のフォーラム、ブログなどもよく見ている。好まれるサイトは:soundonsound.com、 KVRaudio.com、Gearslutz.com、computermusic.com

エレクトロニックなダンスミュージックのプロデューサーは、その多くがHCSAMを第三者のスタジオソフト・ハードと一緒に使用している。HCSAMはDAW(Abletonや Logic、Cubaseなど)内で、もうひとつのプラグインとして使われることが多いが、独立したインストゥルメントとしてそれ単体で使われることはない。
好まれるサイトは:gearslutz.com、createdigitalmusic.com、worldstarhiphop.com、bluntgutsnation.com、moovmnt.comなどである。 2. コミュニケーションのトーンとスタイル
バージョン6 2013-07-08

顧客は音楽創りを邪魔しない、使用が簡単な製品を望んでいる。また、結果がすぐに出るものを望む。だから、われわれは製品説明をややこしくしないように表記して販売するようにしなければならない。 われわれの第一の目的は、エキサイトメントを創り出し、製品やサービスに関する正しい情報を発信することである。


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