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1. Regarding shipment
Your order is already outside of Japan, so we are unable to change the address. It will be reassigned to the location you designated within few days. Please send the arrived item to the address in Japan indicated by the store.
We require you to use delivery method with tracking number and for you to cover the shipping fee.
*If the payment is pay-by-arrival, we will refuse to accept the item.

2. Regarding refund
Please be aware that if we find any problem with the condition of the returned item, we will only issue payment for 50% of the item price.
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① Re Shipping:
The item you ordered has already shipped off Japan, so it's destination cannot be changed for now. It should be delivered to the address you specified in a few days.
Please send the products arrived to the address in Japan that we specify.
Please remember to make the shippment with a tracking number, and pay the cost of shipment by yourself.
*A CODed package will be subject to rejection.

② Re Refund:
Should the item returnd be found with any problematic condition, please note that no more than 50% of the product price will be refunded.
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1) About Shipment
As the ordered product has already leave Japan, it is not possible to change the receiving address, and will be delivered to you in few days.
Please send back the product as it arrives, to the address in Japan we will designate.
At that time, it is necessary to use tracking service, and the postal cost should be payed by you.

Note that if we receive by cash on delivery, we will not accept that.

2) About PayBack
Please understand that if there are problems in the conditions of returned product, we can payback only 50% of the original price.
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1, Regarding the delivery
The items you have ordered are already shipped outside Japan hence you cannot change the send-to address. The items will be reached to the postal address you have specified in few days.
Please ship the arrived items to the postal address in Japan which we mentioned.
When you ship the items to us, please ship with the tracking number. It is customers’ responsibility to pay for the shipping fees.

2, Regarding the refund
We pay back only 50 % of the total amount in case arrived item condition has some issues.


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