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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Edogawa City is going to hold "15th Industry Sparkling Fair" on November 15 ...

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sujiko Translated by sujiko
Edogawa City is going to hold "15th Industry Sparkling Fair" on November 15 and 16 for 2 days at Tower Hall Funahori.
132 organizations and companies are going to exhibit where superior product and technology are introduced by means of exhibition and performance. It is expected that it will be an opportunity to expand business chance and create networking among companies.

At exhibition hall on 1st floor, not only exhibition by company such as parts for satellite rocket, support equipment on the ground and titan roof and blast processing but also making rug using goza are going to be held.
At event hall on 2nd floor,technology and product that Edogawa City is proud of such as heater made of cloth and planting plant such as tomato with high sugar content will be exhibited.

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