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- Posted at 07 Oct 2013 at 11:10
I was quite surprised by the huge gap between the number of past delivered goods and received goods.
Not limited to the particular shipment, but we cannot overlook this problem as this happens everytime.
We conduct 3 times of checking with the number of deliveries before shipping them.
As you might know, we have requested for the investigation regarding this gap but some cases regonized the gap but some didn't.
How could we devise the countermeasure upon this problem? Disappearance of the expensive goods is a fatal problem.
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- Posted at 07 Oct 2013 at 11:13
I am surprised at a big gap between the number of the items which we delivered in the past and that of the items which was confirmed for the receipt.
It's a problem which we cannot overlook that a gap occurs not only with the specific shipment, but nearly every time.
We check three times about the delivery number before sending out products.
As you know, we asked for the investigation about the gap of this delivery number, but in some cases the gap was confirmed and in other cases it was rejected.
What kind of measures will you take against this problem?
It is fatal that an expensive product disappears, though it is all right if it is a low-value product.
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- Posted at 07 Oct 2013 at 11:08
I am surprised that there were a substantial difference between the quantity of products I had delivered in the past and the quantity the receipt had actually been confirmed.
I believe that it is too critical to ignore the difference to have been occurred almost every time other than particular shipments.
Our company confirms the quantity of products 3 times before it is shipped out.
As you know, we requested an investigation for the difference of products this time. Some of the difference has been confirmed, but some of rejected.
What approach would you take for this matter? It is a huge matter for us that expensive products are have been lost, not those affordable ones.
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- Posted at 07 Oct 2013 at 11:14
I am very surprised about a great discrepancy between the quantity of supplied items in the past and the quantity of receive confirmed items.
It is too good to miss the issue of discrepancy in quantity not only specific shipment but also every shipment.
Our company checks the quantity of supply three times prior to the shipment.
As you know, we have requested the investigation in discrepancy of supply quantity, but there were cases of which discrepancy is confirmed or denied.
What kind of counter action can be taken on this issue? It is fatal of missing not only inexpensive items but also high valued items.


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