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浮世絵だけでなく、メンコやカルタ、花札なども木版印刷によって作られ、印刷文化が栄えました。 浮世絵は船に乗って海外へと伝わりました。19世紀初頭にヨーロッパに陶磁器が割れない為の包み紙として持ち込まれました。 元は高価な物ではありませんでしたが、 今では、その価値が上がり、現存する良い物だと1枚何百万円~数千万円するそうです。 当時の人達は、こんな素晴らしいものが、包み紙として使われている事に、驚いたそうです。 浮世絵が西洋の印象派の画家たちに多大な影響を与える事になりました
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In addition to ukiyo-e, menko (Japanese playing discs), karuta and hanafuda (both Japanese card games) were all creation of woodcut printing, which helped the printing culture flourish. Ukiyo-e were also brought onto ships and spread overseas. In the early 19th century, ukiyo-e were introduced to Europe where they were used as wrapping papers to protect potteries and china. Though not so expensive at first, ukiyo-e's value has gone up since, and a piece of well-preserved fine ukiyo-e supposedly sells for several millions to several tens of millions of yen now. The people at the time were apparently surprised that such fine art works were being used as wrapping papers. Ukiyo-e would turn out to be a significant influence on Western impressionist painters later on.

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