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[Translation from English to Japanese ] hi my name, we made a new version of a DJ-ABC track : Track Z. i attach a d...

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hi my name,

we made a new version of a DJ-ABC track : Track Z.

i attach a downlaod link

the deal is if you agree to call this track as a mutual production track.
that is, there two artist names for this particular version(DJ-ABC and sifat).... and we do not call this track as a "remix"

hopefully the original version is not registered to any society or you are not engaged with any exclusive deal with anyone for this track.... if any such situation please update me..

i hope you agree on this, and will wait until you reply back.

regarding income from any source for this version i made, things will be as simple, my deal i give you 50%.... your deal, you give me 50%...
nobeldrsd Translated by nobeldrsd
こんにちは、私は   です。

我々は、DJ-ABC track : Track Z.の新しいバージョンを制作しました。


契約内容は、このトラックを共同制作盤と呼ぶことに同意してくれることです。つまり、この特別なバージョンには2人のアーティスト名(DJ-ABC とsifat)で関わっていますが、・・・このトラックを「リミック」とは呼ばないと言うことです。




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