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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] ☆★ Over two million video views! ★☆ ☆★ The long awaited sequel to the free g...

cuavsfan Translated by cuavsfan
☆★ Over two million video views! ★☆
☆★ The long awaited sequel to the free game app "Clam-shell Bra Girls" is finally available! ★☆

In this simple game you have to tap the screen just before the falling fan hits!
Try to time catching the fan just right on five different stages!
If you are successful you can improve your rank! Aim for number one! * Catch with a tap

Enjoy five different stages with falling fans.
Don't be too fast or too slow. Tap just at the right moment as it falls!

* Improve your ranking with each success

If you are successful your ranking will improve!
Keep trying until you are number one.

* Improve your rank even faster with the roulette bonus round

Each day you can spin the bonus roulette wheel one time.
On days where you get a big multiplier bonus you have a chance to really improve your ranking!
You can fly right by all the other gamers!
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I passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N1 (the highest level) in 2012 with all sub areas scoring at least twice the pass level. Since t...

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