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Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau are going to hold a fair with a key word, "Innovative."

This fair is for the purposes of new demand stimulation and business expansion by promoting Okinawa's tourism and MICE brand.

All up-to-date information is gathered by Okinawa's tourism, MICE related industries and others and their booths will be focused on evolving Okinawa's tourism and MICE contents as "~ All Okinawa Great Exhibition~."

"New Okinawa's Charm" as their theme, their related corporations and organizations in Okinawa will have their booths and provide the audience with chances for direct trading experiences with them.
kawaii- almost 8 years ago
"New Okinawa's Charm"は、"New Attractions of Okinawa”の方が良いと思います。宜しくお願いします。
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Okinawa Prefectural Government and Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau will hold the fair Which keyword is "Innovation".
This fair is aimed at demanding new boosting and business expansion in Okinawa as promoting the sightseeing in Okinawa.
"The Great Exhibition of all Okinawa" ,which is gathered from all latest infiormation from sightseing in Okinawa and also interested operators , run a booth to mainly being engaged in running by Okinawa Sightseeing and Mica vontents.
Setting up booth with "New attractions of Okinawa " as theme, they provide the opportunitites which all visitors can have business talk directly with the participates companies and associations in Okinawa.
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Translation / English
- Posted at 11 Mar 2013 at 12:37
The Okinawa prefecture and the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau are going to hold a fair with a keyword “Innovate!.”
The fair promotes Okinawa as a destination for sightseeing and MICE with the aim of stimulating new demand and expanding business.
It gathers all the latest information centering on advancing sightseeing and MICE contents from related businesses and organizations in Okinawa, and displays them as “All Okinawa Great Exhibition.”
This fair also provides visitors with opportunities to talk business directly with okinawan exhibitors who are making efforts toward an initiative called “New Charm of Okinawa.”


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