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【Easy tasks in German】 Editing daily conversation sentences (post-editing)

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You can do the tasks at home whenever you want.
It's simple tasks, so we look forward to your participation!

■ Work content
Editing daily conversation sentences
(Read the machine-translated German texts and correct any mistakes.)

[Example 1]
Original sentence in English: No, I've never taken it before.
Machine translation in German: Nein, ich habe es noch nie genommen.
Post-edited sentence in German: Nein, ich habe es noch nie erhalten.

[Example 2]
Original sentence in English: The most common side effet are rashes.
Machine translation in German: Die häufigste Nebenwirkung sind Hautausschläge.
Post-edited sentence in German: Die häufigste Nebenwirkung ist Hautausschläge.

■ Reward
Standard amount of work*; 500,000 JPY in total per person

■Unit price
25 JPY per sentence
(The amount of work can be adjusted according to your convenience.)

Scheduled from April 2022 to January 2023

■Number of people to be accepted
Over 200 people

- We also welcome inexperienced post-editors.

* Standard amount of work: 500 sentences / week
Required Translator Languages
English → German
Excel or Delivered directly from the system
Payment Timing
Immediately after verification


16 Dec 2021 at 12:28
Completion Deadline
Application Deadline
100K yen–500K yen
Maximum Applicants
51 People or More