Light Novella
 Japanese to English
translator needed!


The ebook publisher impress QuickBooks®(※1) and
crowd sourced translation service Conyac
will be partnering to hold a translation contest!

The subject of the translation contest will be the three winning entries of last year’s "Light novella contest(※2)".
The translation contest will be held three times
by using these novellas.
By all means please take part in all three contests!

The first contest’s subject will be the AKIBA PC Hotline award winning novella(※3),
"Akiba Meikyu~chiisana senpai to shoryoko~"

For this first contest two translators will be selected from the applicants, one who has an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture and one with native level English writing skills.

The reward for each selected translator will be $400 USD!
Don’t miss your chance as a translator to have
you name included in a ebook that will be sold worldwide,
by all means apply now!

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"Akiba Meikyu ~chiisana senpai to shoryoko~"
More details on the translation contest

Reward The two selected translator winners will receive $400 USD each.
Application Deadline July 16th (Wed.)2014, 24:00 Japan time
Languages Japanese to English
Qualification for Participation Open to all ages and nationalities
However, please keep in mind that ultimately only the translators who submit a completed translation of ”Akiba Meikyu ~chiisana senpai to shoryoko~” by August 5th (Tuesday) 2014 will be eligible.
Results Announcement July 22nd (Tues.) 2014
※Submissions and Screening period:July 16th (Wed.) to July 21st (Mon.)
Application method Please apply by visiting the contest page and translating the excerpt.
Note The two selected translators will need to be able to communicate at all times in order to progress with the translation.
After being selected, you must submit the completed translation by August 5th 2014(Tues.).
Please note that the translators will not receive any royalties of the book after publishing.
Inquiries Conyac Team:Inquiries

Subject of first contest, ebook

Book name "Akiba Meikyu ~chiisana senpai to shoryoko~"(impress QuickBooks)
Book Cover :Akiba Meikyu ~chiisana senpai to shoryoko~
Author マホ
Plot 小さな先輩。
The Japanese E-book can be found here BOOK☆WALKER
Google play
Kindle Store

Contest application procedure

The procedure for contest registration, application, screening/winner selection, beginning translation, and finishing the translation is as follows.
STEP1registrationRegister on Conyac as a translator regardless of age or nationality.
STEP2 applicationTranslators who wish to participate may apply by translating an excerpt.
STEP3 screening/winner selectionThe two winners will be selected by votes from other translators and our own screening process.
STEP4 beginning translationPlease make sure to progress with the translation in order to make the deadline.
STEP5 finishing the translationAfter submitting your translation, the designated compensation will be awarded.

Winner privileges for this contest

Congratulations, you have been selected as the winner!
Reward The two winning translators will receive $400 USD.
Privilege 1 Have your name registered as the official Japanese to English translator for “Akiba Meikyu”!
Privilege 2 Your name will be registered as the official contest winner on “CONYAC TIMES”!

Application page

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  • ※2 About the Light novella contest
    Presented by impress QuickBooks though the largest national Japanese blog service, LINE’s "livedoor Blog". Held between November 2013 and January 2014. The work was presented on the blog publicly, with the new special recommended length of under 30,000 characters. Even the works that didn’t make it past the screening process could be turned into Ebooks by using livedoor blog’s “EPUB export function”.
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