What is「Skill Challenge」?

Skill Challenge is a new community function provided by Conyac.
Certain things like, proverbs or movie jokes are hard to get across when translated directly.
Why not try translating a Skill Challenge topic and make people laugh (or groan) with your play on words.

Take the Challenge Watch and enjoy Polish your Skill

Take the Challenge

Watch and enjoy

Polish your Skill

For example
How would you translate it?

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do any thing, you're right. - Henry Ford

Step Skill Challenge


You will be able to check what kind of Skill Challenge will be added in the future and the general topic.
However the Skill Challenge will not be fully revealed at this time so let your imagination run wild.


When the decided day arrives, you can gain access to the Skill Challenge topic, so why not test out you skills right away.
You can post your Skill Challenge translation 24 hours after the preparation period has begun.


Submitted translations will be voted on.
Check what other translators posted, choose the one you thought was best


The voting results will be revealed, make sure to check if your translation made the cut.

Posted results might be compiled into an article and included in the Conyac official blog.
In addition, users who turn out constant results could be approached for other translation requests.

Do you have a film, some song lyrics, or a company slogan you'd like to submit to Skill Challenge?
Conyac is accepting Skill Challenges around the clock.