Machine translation with 95% accuracy for specialized fields

T-4OO (Translation for Onsha Only)

Machine translation with a maximum 95% accuracy equivalent to a professional translator for specialized fields such as medicine, chemistry, machinery, IT, legal affair and finance.

[Limited to Corporations]
We provide translation demonstrations for free so you can actually check the 95% accuracy.
Inquiries via phone:   03-6206-8084

3 Reasons to Choose T-4OO

Tips 1

Highly Accurate Machine Translation

With the dedicated Rozetta AI using neural networks, this delivers accurate translation equivalent to a professional translator.
You can choose from 2000 fields which include legal affairs, medicine, finance, chemistry, IT, machinery, and electronics.
Tips 2

No worries since this has a fixed monthly amount system.

Translation possible with a monthly amount of 3,000 yen / person (*)
This can be freely used when translation is needed
*In the case of BASIC plan. There is a maximum limit of up to 450,000 words per year (900,000 characters per year if source text is Japanese)
Tips 3

Stable Security

For security purposes, all of our servers are located in Japan and are protected from external unauthorized access by using ISMS certified equipment. In addition, this uses an encryption system (SSL) for data communication.

What is T-4OO (Translation for Onsha Only)?

T-4OO is the latest AI machine translation which combines a specialized field database consisting of 2,000 fields and a company database for each user.
The specialized field database extensively accumulates technical terms in 2,000 fields such as medicine, chemistry, machinery, IT, legal affairs, finance, etc., and reflects appropriate translation according to the field.
The database dedicated to the company is customized for machine translation that becomes more tailored to the user as the AI learns and is being used by accumulating translation results into the database.
Service Provider: Rozetta Co., Ltd.

For example, when translating a medical package insert

T4oo image

What You Can Do with T-4OO

Select 1
Field-Selection Feature
A more appropriate translation can be obtained by choosing a field beforehand and automatically translating it. You can choose from 2,000 fields, and public documents and guidelines inside and outside of the country are compiled in each field.

Select 2
Supports Various File Formats
Compatible with PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files This reduces the work required for editing as the source text can be translated while maintaining its original layout.
In addition, automatic translation can be done by only inputting the URL of a website.

Similar Sentences and Translation Display
A translation example which uses the translated words is displayed with the source. Several public documents and guidelines from inside and outside the country are included in the displayed source, which serves as a hint so as to check the accuracy of the translation.
Select 3
Translation Memory Feature
Statistical dictionary displaying the frequency at which translated words of each specialized field are used. By comparing the translation with a specialized field database, it displays a score indicating how often translated words of each specialized field are used.
Automatic Term Learning Feature
If previously translated documents are recorded in the database, they will be reflected in the machine translation as phrases. Terms can be unified by referring to the data in the database during proofreading.

Translation Editing
On the website, you can proofread the translated text while viewing the source text.

Translation Samples

A high level of accuracy is upheld even with long complex text.


Source textTranslation

MWCNT and chrysotile were incompletely internalized in the cells and localized in the cytoplasm. Urinary Pi excretion levels were significantly higher in Cd-injected WT mice than in control group. Strict use of the definition of FUO is thus unwarranted when managing patients with prolonged fever.

MWCNTおよびクリソタイルは細胞内に完全には取り込まれておらず、細胞質に局在していた。尿中Pi排泄量は、対照群よりもカドミウムを注射したWTマウスで有意に高かった。 したがって、長期間発熱している患者を管理する場合は、FUOの定義を厳密に使用する必要はない。

A high correlation between necrosis and vacuolation in the heart and TnT and TnI levels was noted. Their physical function was measured using the Chinese Mini-Physical Performance Testing (CMPPT). 32 patients with multiple sclerosis (ICD10-G35) and 20 healthy subjects were recruited for the study.

心臓の壊死と空胞化とTnTおよびTnI値との間には高い相関が認められた。身体機能は中国のミニ身体機能検査(CMPPT)を用いて測定した。 多発性硬化症患者32例(ICD10-G35)と健常被験者20例を試験に組み入れた。


Source textTranslation

This agreement (“Agreement”) is dated May __, 2017 (“Effective Date”), and is between ABC International, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation (“ABC”), and XYZ Corp., a Japanese corporation (“Client”).

本契約(「本契約」)は、2017年5月 日(「発効日」)付けで、カリフォルニア州の非営利公益法人ABC International(「ABC」)と日本の法人であるXYZ Corp.(「クライアント」)との間で締結された。

Neither party is in breach of this Agreement for delay in performing any obligation to the extent that, and for so long as, such delay is caused by an event beyond the reasonable control of the affected party including but not limited to fires, earthquakes, floods, embargoes, wars, acts of war (whether war is declared or not), insurrections, riots, civil disturbances, strikes, lockouts or other labor disturbances, acts of God, unavailability of key personnel, denial of an export license, or any acts, omissions, or delays in acting by any governmental authority or the other party.

いずれの当事者も、当該遅延が、火災、地震、洪水、通商禁止、戦争、戦争行為(戦争が宣戦布告されたか否かを問わない)、反乱、暴動、内乱、ストライキ、ロックアウトまたはその他の労働争議、天変地異、主要要員の入手不能、輸出免許の否認、 または政府機関もしくは相手方当事者の行動における作為、不作為もしくは遅延を含むがこれらに限定されない、影響を受けた当事者の合理的な制御を超える事由に起因する場合、その範囲において、またその限りにおいて、当該遅延は、本契約の違反とはならない。


Source textTranslation

The balance of current liabilities was ¥34,446 million (¥33,750 million at the end of the previous fiscal year), an increase of ¥696 million.

流動負債は、前連結会計年度末に比べ 696 百万円増加し、34,446 百万円(前連結会計年度末33,750 百万円)となりました。

The effect on retained earnings and deferred tax assets at the beginning of the first quarter of the consolidated accounting period due to this change is minor.

なお、この変更による当第 1 四半期連結会計期間の期首の利益剰余金及び繰延税金資産への影響は軽微であります。

Icon securityWorry-free and Safe Security


A robust security that removes worries regarding data leakage

■ Encrypted communication using SSL
■ Management of servers at ISMS certified data center

Non-disclosure agreement

■ A non-disclosure agreement can be established.
■ Damages will be compensated in the unlikely case of data leakage.

Deletion of data

■ Translation data saved in the server will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks.
■ This period can be changed according to the user's preference.

Rate Plan


Number of UsersRate

10 people

3000 yen / month / user

※ This will be an annual submission.
※ Initial cost will be charged separately.
※ There is a maximum limit on the number of characters that can be used.

We have plans to match the number of users, from a company-wide scale to individual department usage.
Please inquire for details.

The number of companies using this service has exceeded 2,000 companies

This can be used in various fields such as semiconductors, industrial machinery, electronic products, shipbuilding, steel, construction, IT, pharmaceuticals, university hospital, national institute, academic lab, every kind of hospital/clinic, foreign life sciences, food, drinks, bio-venture, medical equipment, test equipment firm, chemistry, oil, IT consultation, international patent office, law office, finance, etc. We continue to develop and evolve every day with feedback from users.
This is used in a variety of industries such as machinery, electronics, medicine, chemistry, food, etc.
* Percentage of new contracts introduced from September 2015 to February 2016
We have received excellent reviews from departments requiring technical terms such as research and development departments.

This has also been introduced to several major companies in each specialized field(Companies selected in Nikkei 225)

Medicine, chemistry, and food
Introduced to86% of manufacturers
Machinery, electronics, precision machinery
Introduced to61% of manufacturers
Steel, finance, non-metal, and textile
Introduced to57% of manufacturers
[Limited to Corporations] Free demonstration for actual confirmation of the 95% accuracy
Inquiries via phone:  03-6206-8084