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What is Conyac Front(β version)

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Have you been resistant to translating your site for the reasons listed below?

  • We’d like to make our website multilingual, but replacing the text and managing the translated content is difficult.
  • Setting up a new server costs time and money.
  • We’re hesitant to use machine translation services that provide multilingual website functionality, as they might lower our site’s reputation.

Conyac Front, the specialized website translation management tool, solves all these problems.

Conyac Front automatically extracts an existing website’s text, files, and other contents and sends the translation request to experienced Conyac translators, allowing you to open your multilingual website in a short amount of time.

Special features of Conyac Front

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No need to build or use a new server for multilingual functionality

Multilingual sites are hosted on Conyac’s server, making constructing and running a new multilingual server unnecessary and greatly reducing costs.

For those who would like their website contents translated but don’t know how and where to start, by all means please try Conyac Front.

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Appealing to your target audience in a way machine translation cannot

Translators who are familiar with your target translation’s country and culture will handle your request, providing translations that appeal to your overseas targets in a way machine translations just can’t manage.

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Providing translations with SEO in mind

Due to Conyac Front’s multilingual site construction, translation results are opptimized for search engine hits.

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Have a multilingual site up and running in no time

You can automatically extract text and files from a currently existing site, or automatically replace a site’s text with a translation, allowing for fast, effective multilingual site construction.

How Conyac Front Works

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What are Conyac Business translations?

Conyac is a crowdsourced translation service with over 30,000 translators worldwide. Through crowdsourcing, Conyac can offer affordable, fast translations of emails, website localizations, and more.

【Available Languages】
Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, and many others.
※Please feel free to ask about our other available languages for translation.

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Conyac Front Pricing

We provide an appropriate estimate and pricing plan to meet the needs of your company.

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*The hosting fee will be approximately 10,000JPY per language, per month (up to quarter million PV) Detail concerning the pricing system are currently being adjusted and subject to change.
Pricing per character
Original language Pricing of translation Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese, Chinese, Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
For English and other languages not listed above ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the price and date of delivery.
General translation price list
Original language Translated language Translation price per character Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese English ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese French ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese German ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Spanish ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Simplified) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Traditional) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Thai ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Indonesian ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Vietnamese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
English Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Korean ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Simplified) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Traditional) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Malay ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Thai ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Vietnamese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Indonesian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English French ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English German ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Spanish ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Italian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Russian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Arabic ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Spanish English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
French Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Korean Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Indonesian Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Thai Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the cost of languages not listed.

Outline for Conyac Front(β version) Tester Application

The outline for “Conyac Front(β version)” testers is as follows

Tester Benefits: The monthly fee will be waived
Tester Period: Free campaign now
Tester Conditions: After the tester period it will be necessary to provide feedback.
How to apply: Please click the “Apply as tester” button below and fill out the inquiry form. Please enter the required information on the form below, and submit the form.
*Important Notes
During the β version tester period features will be limted.
During the β version tester period the hosting fee will be waived, however translations are still subject to regular pricing. Hosting fees will be incurred upon the release of the final version.
Upon completion of the tester period you may continue to use this service. In the event that you don’t not wish to continue using the service all of your Conyac Front data will be cleared.

Apply as a “Conyac Front” distribution agent.

We are currently accepting applications for “Conyac Front” distribution agents.
Please consider the opportunities Conyac Front can provide for your profit margins.