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Yummy traditional food!! Taiwan Night Market

As the winter holidays are around the corner, many people are planning to go abroad for a relaxing or exotic vacation. Taiwan is always one of the favorite spots for Japanese to have a break from the hustle and bustle. According to some surveys, though Taipei 101 and National Palace Museum are on the top list of must go destinations in Taiwan, what attracts foreigners the most is a local night market. While enjoying the enormous variety of Taiwanese snack foods, you can always have an insight of the food culture. Here are some typical foods I think you should never miss if you ever go to Taiwan.

・Oyster omelets 
・Rice tube pudding 
Rice tube pudding

・Salty rice pudding 
Salty rice pudding

・Pig intestine vermicelli
Pig intestine vermicelli

 If you prefer something smaller, here you get:
・Hujiao bing
Hujiao bing

・Longfeng legs
・Papaya milk 
・Jelly fig ice

You might find that each night market has been blended with the local culture, which makes one differentiate from the other. I am going to introduce you one from the north and the other from the south.

 Keelung Temple Night Market As it is located at the center of the neighboring area of the temple, originally it was served for those who came to worship the temple for good luck and health. Moreover, as the city is close to the harbor, you could enjoy a large variety of seafood snacks. Get ready for a seafood feast!

 Ruifeng Night Market This night market doesn’t have a special history, but it is the most popular one in Kaohsiung city. With lots of vendors selling xiaochi (small eats) and clothes, you can enjoy having your bubble milk tea and bargaining with the vendor at the same time. You can also enjoy Mongolian yakiniku in this night market. By the way, from my home to this night market is just a 10-minute scooter ride!

 If you haven’t been to Taiwan, I am sure you would like to make a plan to go from now on. If you have been to Taiwan, I am sure you miss the delicacies in Taiwan. Whenever you want to go, Taiwan always welcomes you.

 Written by Jasmine
Global English 14 Feb 2014 at 13:32
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