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France, Japan and Korea gathered in a Parisian bistrot - Conyac European Trip: Final Destination, Paris -

Bonjour la France, bonjour Paris. I put an end to my trip with my home country, France, to attend my last meetup, as well as the famous convention “Japan Expo” to find new business opportunities there.

Paris: An open sky museum with an incredible food heritage

I am always surprised when I go to France (especially to Paris) as every corner and shop is worth a stop. 

My walk started from the Sacré Coeur in the North of the capital (picture above), before going all the way down to the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, dropping by Notre-Dame Cathedral and the magnificent City Hall (second picture below). Then I headed for West to the Eiffel Tower, after a quick stop at the Louvres Museum on the way.

I also took a few minutes to enjoy Paris’ (world’s?) most famous éclairs (first photo below) at Maison Pradier. Délicieux !

“I made more than 4,000 dollars in 2 months, thank you Conyac!!”

I had the great honor to finally meet our French champion, Dean (deanosuke75), who contributed a lot to the completion of a recent huge project.

From the beginning, he committed to be the one who would submit the largest number of tasks, and that’s what he did, working full-time on a daily basis, without losing his concentration!

Just for the record, Dean is working as a bus driver in “normal” life, with only a few notions of English, but his good command of the French language and motivation enabled him to work just like the others (and even more). Congratulations to him.

Conyac’s biggest strength? Diversity!

We also had the presence of two international couples: Antoine/Sayaka (huile_d-olive/monange) and Benoit/Hyoseong (vhalis45/urihamnooy), respectively French-Japanese and French-Korean.

And the funny fact is that Hyoseong actually met us in the past already, at the opposite side of the globe in Korea, where a previous meetup was hosted! You can learn more about her in the following article:

The four of them became good friends during that day and still hang out together in Paris on a regular basis!

Last but not least, we had a senior translator with over twenty years of experience that night, Stephane (stephcarn), who gave me two of the books she translated in the past. Yes, we do have highly professional users on Conyac.

Meet people you would never have met anywhere else with Conyac!

One destination after another, I had the chance to meet-up with many people, from all nationalities, languages, ages and backgrounds, making my trip in Europe incredibly rich.

This small sample of bilinguals made me realize how diversified our community was, and I am now confident that we can handle pretty much any kind of project, in a short amount of time! 

Thank you, and let’s keep making Conyac bigger all together.

Events English 29 Sep 2016 at 14:53
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