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Words and Waffles in Wallonia, the 3 winning Ws! - Conyac European Trip: 4th destination, Brussels -

Let’s get closer to my origins now and move to a country where French is the main spoken language, at least in its capital: Brussels!

One funny thing I noticed when I arrived at the airport is that, despite being called the “Brussels airport”, it appears that the most spoken language there was Dutch!

Brussels is indeed located on the Walloon side of Belgium, but its airport is just across the “border”, on the Flemish side.

So when you take the train from the airport to the city center, you will have the announcements first in Dutch when you set off, but suddenly there will be a switch to French first announcements as you get closer to the city!

A pest exterminator and a game developer as “translators”…?!

Brussels was my most heterogeneous meetup so far, with people from every horizon.

Although there were language professionals among the participants, like our trilingual qualified translator (English/German into French) Valentin (valentinblaison), or Marie-Emmanuelle (nikky_59) who writes novels and various articles for international websites, we also had such singular profiles that day.

Kevin (kisuke4sama) is indeed a young entrepreneur who started up his own business a few years ago as a pest exterminator!

His knowledge about environment being wider than his English skills, he was not confident enough to handle translation jobs by himself, but Conyac is not just about translation!

He therefore took the opportunity to use his native language (French) in a large-scale project where you had to create variations of simple sentences with different words while keeping the meaning the same (13 languages available).

Victor (azertykeyboard) and Guillaume (rentonrafferty), who are respectively a game developer and an insurance advisor, also participated in this project, along with some translations, both having a good command of English (and Dutch in Victor’s case).

Belgian waffles are the definition of awesomeness

Prior to my coming, Guillaume spontaneously offered me to stay at his house in Liege (1 hour train from Brussels), world city of waffles! I accepted without hesitation as I am always open to make new friends and experiences, and I did not regret it.

After a short night talking, my host took me to one of the best waffle stores in the city and… I have never eaten anything better in my whole life!!

Take a super tasty freshly made caramelized waffle, put some Belgian chocolate bars inside while it is still hot, let the chocolate melt, and… Enjoy.

Thank you for the great moments, but it is now time to go “home” in France, Paris, for my last stop of this European journey...
Events English 21 Sep 2016 at 15:28
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