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Speaking English while eating an Italian pizza in a Portuguese city?! - Conyac European Trip: 3rd stop, Porto -

Although I did not plan on stopping more than once per country, it appeared that people were willing to meetup in both of the two major Portuguese cities.

Lisbon and Porto are only a few minute’s flight away from each other, making me spend more time waiting at the airport than on the actual plane!

Porto, the perfect mix between history and dynamism

It did not take me long to realize how rich the city was. Aside from its numerous historical buildings contrasting with Tokyo’s modernity, I was surprised to discover a quite energetic population as well, very young and active.

Wandering across the streets all the afternoon that day, I found myself involved into a couple of events, such as a craft beer festival on the top of a hill overlooking the port. Paradise.

I also took the opportunity to check out the famous Majestic Café, where J.K. Rowling wrote part of the first Harry Potter, including her favorite chapter! Now I understand why she picked this location over others...

“So you two work for Conyac in Japan?”... No, I came alone…!

I gathered with my 3rd group of translators in a pizzeria that Samira (samirads) recommended, having been raised in Italy although she was originally born in Cap Verde. Then she moved to Portugal, where she has been living for the past 20 years. She now even has the Portuguese citizenship!

Samira has an amazing background and is one of our most active users, having taken part in many projects using her four languages, Italian and Portuguese (native), as well as English and French at a fluent level.

Thanks to her skills and hard work, she managed to make a huge amount of money through Conyac, that has been a great help for her as she was unemployed at that time and focusing on freelance translation.

She has also been very present on the platform and is striving to help out her fellow translators through our “Rooms”, which made everyone at the meetup think that she was an actual Conyac staff coming from Japan with me!!

Conyac, encouraging friendship since 2009

Rosa (rmaciel) and Ana (amalvares) already knew each other prior to the meeting as Ana has been introduced to Conyac by her friend a few months ago. They therefore had the opportunity to work together on the latest projects that were requiring numerous people at the same time.

Talking about those projects, they also enabled Samira to make friends with another Portuguese bilingual from Lisbon (who unfortunately was not able to make it to the meetup the day before). They became so close that Samira told me she was going to travel to Lisbon in a few days to meet her!

Thank you guys for the outstanding welcome, I will definitely be back...

Now let’s take the plane again and cross France all the way to Belgium, where my next team of bilinguals was waiting.
Events English 15 Sep 2016 at 11:48
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