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Multilingual barbecue in Western Europe’s oldest city! - Conyac European Trip: 2nd stage, Lisbon -

Hi there, Nicolas speaking again! Let’s continue our journey in Lisbon, Portugal, after a 3 hour flight from Italy to attend my 2nd meetup/dinner with translators who contributed to Conyac’s growth.

European countries: Pretty similar, yet so different at the same time

Although I have been to Italy and Spain many times in my life, this was my first experience ever in Portugal! Exciting, isn’t it

And it was a great surprise to be honest, as I always had the feeling that Portugal was different from other European countries, but I actually felt like home! I noticed no major contrast with Southern France, but the atmosphere was still distinctive enough to create indelible memories in my head.

I had a great time walking alone across the city, although I underestimated the stamina needed to go up and down the numerous hills (Lisbon being also known as “the city of seven hills”)!! Phew. But it was worth it.

The streets indeed overflow with singular buildings full of history, that all surely deserve a picture.

Conyac helps realizing great projects

So I had an appointment for dinner with 3 Portuguese bilinguals (trilinguals?) at a traditional barbecue place, stuck in the middle of a narrow street surrounded by old bricks.

Carlos, Eurico and Vitor were all perfectly on time, so we could take a sit and order some sangria to go with our grilled ribs and seasoned vegetables. Delicious!

The three men have all earned an approximate amount of 400 dollars thanks to the latest major projects on Conyac, and spent their reward in lovely projects, like Eurico who took the opportunity to go visit his son based in England and travel with his wife to Austria afterwards.

Eurico has always been living between Lisbon and London since his mother’s side family came from England, as well as his wife, and now his son. As for his daughter, she is currently living in South America. No need to mention that Eurico has always been living in a global environment, which makes him one of our best English to Portuguese bilinguals.

Last but not least, I was impressed to notice that French is actually understood and spoken by many Portuguese people, including my companions. It indeed appears that French is the second studied language in Portuguese schools! I thought it would have been Spanish for some reason…

After a little bit less than 24 hours in the capital, it was now time for me to take another flight, but without changing countries as my next destination was the second Portuguese city: Porto!

Events English 06 Sep 2016 at 17:14
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